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This mailing list will cover a variety of highly technical issues revolving around the open-source projects available on the Linux4.TV website. This list is geared towards software engineers, hardware engineers, and other developers and technical professionals.

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This mailing list will cover a wide range of general topics and discussions associated with interactive television, open-source, etc. This list will be of interest to anyone who is interested in the development and use of next-generation interactive technology.

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This mailing list is targeted at media professionals, editors, writers, the press, and anyone who wants to be alerted when a significant event or announcement is released concerning Linux4.TV.

  New Set Top Box Alliance
Century Embedded Technologies and VT Media Technologies Form Set-Top Box Strategic Alliance.

New Developer Contest Announced
Embedded Linux Journal (ELJ), is pleased to announce the third embedded Linux development contest, based on Linux4.TV.

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