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Linux4.TV Development Partner Program

Overview If you or the organization you work for are developing open-source projects based on Linux4.TV distributions, designing set-top box systems, or are involved in the creation or delivery of content for interactive set-top box systems, please consider joining one of the Linux4.TV Partner Programs.

The Linux4.TV Partner Program was created to bring together developers, designers, content producers, broadcasters, cable operators, and technology suppliers in a united effort to rapidly deploy next-generation set-top box systems based on open-source software.

Development Partner
The Development Partner Program is designed for individuals and organizations that wish to contribute to one or more of the hosted open-source projects. There are no costs, fees, or membership dues associated with being a Development Partner - only a desire to become actively involved in open-source software development.

The Sponsor Program is designed for individuals or organizations that want to be included in Linux4.TV development, but choose not to contribute to any of the open-source projects. Payment of an annual fee is required to join the Sponsor Program.

Benefits Members of the Linux4.TV Development Partner and Sponsor Programs enjoy a number of benefits:
  • Early (beta) access to new software releases and updates
  • Technology previews, whitepapers, and early information presented by other Partner Program members
  • Leading roles in standards development and software API definitions
  • Subscription to the Partners-only mailing list o Logo and branding programs

Sponsors Century Embedded Technologies
National Semiconductor Corporation

Development Partners Century Embedded Technologies
National Semiconductor Corporation

  New Set Top Box Alliance
Century Embedded Technologies and VT Media Technologies Form Set-Top Box Strategic Alliance.

New Developer Contest Announced
Embedded Linux Journal (ELJ), is pleased to announce the third embedded Linux development contest, based on Linux4.TV.

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